Robyn Backen: Backspace

B A C K S P A C E This book examines two decades of work by the Australian artist Robyn Backen. Her practice ranges from small- and large-scale installations through to site-specific public works. Most of these works are temporary. Only a very small number are permanent, or semi-permanent–that is, created for a specific life span. This inbuilt mortality that characterises most of Backen’s work is not something that can be redressed or... Read More

Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness

Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness Arthur Boyd was always mindful of larger issues in the world. He took place in marches to campaign for nuclear disarmament and many of his works reflect upon the nuclear threat, so present in Europe during the late twentieth century. And he cared deeply about the environment and the landscape of the Shoalhaven region  – the location of his beloved Bundanon. Artists of the stature of Boyd – whose... Read More

White Gums and Ramoxes

White gums and ramoxes by Grace Cochrane When newborn babies are first sighted they are always said to look like their father. This fallacy apparently stems from our overwhelming desire to be reassured of the child’s paternity and to secure the father’s devotion and commitment. Arthur Boyd may or may not have looked like Merric but he inherited his artistic ability and his highly original talent for interpreting the world.... Read More

River Project

Available for purchase through Campbelltown Arts Centre. Please call the Box Office on 4645 4100 for more information. The River Project considers the Upper Georges River that runs through south west Sydney within the larger context of river systems of Asia and the Pacific by bringing together artists from Australia, China, India, Korea, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vietnam whose work explores river systems. River Systems reflect... Read More

Edge of Elsewhere

Available for purchase through Campbelltown Arts Centre. Please call the Box Office on 4645 4100 for more information. How do you design an award winning book without being pushed to the edge? Boccalatte was awarded 2010 Graphis Gold Award and 2010 Printing Industries Craftsmanship Bronze Award for Edge of Elsewhere, a publication produced to accompany the first stage of a major three-year community project for Sydney Festival. Edge of Elsewhere... Read More

The Rapture of Death

1st Edition SOLD OUT 2nd Edition SOLD OUT Hardcover, 255 pages, 100x105mm Price $35 + postage Written by Prue Gibson Publisher Boccalatte Publishing, Sydney, 2010 Design Suzanne Boccalatte This unusual art book is a philosophical enquiry into the use of deathly imagery in contemporary art. It explores art and also literature, film and history to investigate why fear of death is an intrinsic part of life. The Rapture of Death is the experience... Read More


Price $150 + postage (limited edition, only 20 left!) Publisher Boccalatte Publishing, 2008 Photography Petrina Hicks Design Suzanne Boccalatte Foreword by Meredith Jones Platinum is an exhibition of photographs documenting NSW seniors, by artist Petrina Hicks commissioned by the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care to celebrate 50 years of NSW Seniors Week.  Read More

Trunk Vol. One: Hair

Price $50 + postage / $120 + postage (gold edition) Publisher Boccalatte Publishing, 2009 Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones with a foreword by Lenny Henry Design Suzanne Boccalatte This strange anthology of writing and art explores the cultural, historical, religious and social aspects of the evolutionary ambiguous outgrowth of protein known as hair. It contains diverse pieces about: the monobrow, hair in medicine, Victorian... Read More