Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness

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Arthur Boyd: An Active Witness Arthur Boyd was always mindful of larger issues in the world. He took place in marches to campaign for nuclear disarmament and many of his works reflect upon the nuclear threat, so present in Europe during the late twentieth century. And he cared deeply about the environment and the landscape of the Shoalhaven region  – the location... Read More

White Gums and Ramoxes

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White gums and ramoxes by Grace Cochrane When newborn babies are first sighted they are always said to look like their father. This fallacy apparently stems from our overwhelming desire to be reassured of the child’s paternity and to secure the father’s devotion and commitment. Arthur Boyd may or may not have looked like Merric but he inherited his artistic... Read More


Zhongjian: Midway is an exhihibition of 15 contemporary artists aligned by their various associations with China. The artists involved explore the impact globalisation has had on people’s lives and pysche. For example, exploring the clash between cultural traditions and modern civilization, the dying out of minority languages and the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures. The... Read More

Trunk Vol Two: Blood


Price $35 + postage / $80 + postage (blue blood limited edition) Publisher Boccalatte Publishing, 2012 Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones with a foreword by Jeff Lindsay (Author Dexter series) Design Suzanne Boccalatte  Read More

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Edge of Elsewhere

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