Trunk Vol. One: Hair

Price $50 + postage / $120 + postage (gold edition)

Publisher Boccalatte Publishing, 2009
Edited by
Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones with a foreword by Lenny Henry
Design Suzanne Boccalatte

This strange anthology of writing and art explores the cultural, historical, religious and social aspects of the evolutionary ambiguous outgrowth of protein known as hair. It contains diverse pieces about: the monobrow, hair in medicine, Victorian mourning jewellery, Medusa, Aboriginal hair, hairdressing, transgender, the Brazilian, psychiatry, embroidery, dreadlocks, Rapunzel, chemotherapy, nightmares, magic, shaving, Mormon beards, women’s beards, order and chaos, brain damage and hair extensions.

Trunk books will be a series of small, corporeal, personal, and sensual books. They are intended to be beautiful, coveted objects filled with fascinating content, much like an old trunk in an attic. These collectable volumes will be consumable and engrossing as a whole, yet filled with short pieces so that each book can also be flipped through or dipped into at random. Each will explore a part of the human body through writing, art, and photography. There will be interviews, essays, fiction, photo essays, poems, and art works addressing multifarious dimensions of the theme. The series is aimed at an intelligent, engaged audience interested in both “high” and popular culture and is intended to have wide appeal.

We are now taking submissions for the second volume, Blood. For details on the submission guidelines visit

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